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Graphics, Photos and Clip Art

Summary: We don't have a lot of helmet graphics, but we have some references for other places to look.

Photos and graphics

  • Some photos of damaged helmets.

  • Some older graphics from CPSC of kids heads with helmets in the correct and tilted positions, as well as a strap image with relevant spots highlighted. They look like this:

    (Click on image to download)

Graphics Links

Searching for graphics

Our best advice is to go to Google and use their graphics search. You click on the word graphics just above the searchword box, and put something like "helmet" in the box, then click on search. In fact, here is the helmet search done for you. The results are lots of helmet photos and graphics. Some are bike helmets and some are not. Most of them are copyrighted, so be careful to ask permission before using them. Here is another search using bike helmet. It has fewer and more specific results.

What we need

What we need is obvious to you by now: graphics and clip art we can post on this page. If you have some, or links to some, please let us know.

This page was updated or partially revised on: March 27, 2015.
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