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Flash Cards

Summary: Flash cards for teaching bicycle safety.

The US Department of Transportation has developed a small set of flash cards for teaching bicycle safety in English and Spanish.

You can download a .pdf file with the flashcards, and print them out on the heaviest paper you have available, cutting them into 3.5 by 5 inch cards. If you printer will do both sides of a page, set it under Properties to "Flip on long edge." Or you can print one page, turn the sheet over sideways and print the second page on the back of it.

The cards may be available from DOT, but we don't know where. They were done in color on nice stiff glossy stock. Look on the web for National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) bike safety resources.

You can also download the same cards in Spanish to print them out.

Here is the English text on the cards, with the question on the front and the answer (shown here in parentheses) on the back:

  • What should you always wear on your head when riding a bike?
    (A helmet)

  • What should you always check for when you enter a street?

  • What should you always check before riding your bike?
    (Brakes and air in the tires)

  • What type of clothes should you always wear when you ride your bike?

  • On which side of the road or sidewalk should you always ride your bike?
    (Right -- some direction as traffic)

  • At what time of the day should you try NOT to ride your bike?

  • What should you always do before entering a roadway?
    (Look left, right, then left again)

  • If you have to ride at night, what do you have to place on your bike?
    (Reflectors and lights)

  • What color does the traffic light have to be when you can go?

  • What color traffic light should you always stop for?

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