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Public Service Announcements

Summary: Public Safety Announcements on helmet safety, some from the California Dept. of Health Services. At the bottom is a link for PSA's you can download on the web.

15-Second Spot

It's a fact. About 800 people, including more than 200 children, are killed annually in bicycle-related crashes nationwide, and about 60 percent of these deaths involve a head injury. The good news: (pause) research indicates that a helmet can reduce the risk of serious brain injury by Helmets reduced the risk of head injury by 66 to 88%. Use your head. Use a helmet.

15-20 Second Spot

So you've heard that 60 percent of all bicycle deaths involve a head injury, and now you want to buy a helmet. The problem is, you don't know what kind of helmet to buy or where to buy it. But all helmets sold in the US are required by law to meet an impact performance standard set by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. So you can buy a helmet that fits you, and buy it in a bike store, department store or discount store--they are all safe. Now you know. So what are you waiting for? Get your helmet today!

20 second spot

Here's a safety question for you: why did Lance Armstrong wear a bike helmet to win his historic 7th Tour de France? Probably because the race organizers required it, but also because he values his brain. If you value your brain you should wear a bike helmet too, even if nobody requires you to. You don't have to be riding in the Tour -- a simple fall can leave you in a vegetative state. It's your brain, and the choice is yours. Wear that helmet every time you ride.

20-Second Spot

Have you ever wondered if you need a helmet when you ride your bike or skate? Well, studies show that if you use a seatbelt in your car, have a smoke detector in your home and look both ways before crossing a street, you certainly do. But if you cut your grass barefoot, play golf in thunderstorms and pinch the grounding pin off of three prong plugs, you might not want to bother. Personal safety is all about your own head, and how much you value it. If you have something to protect, wear a bike helmet when you ride.

15-20 Second Spot

You've bought the helmet for your kids, and now it's time to enjoy the beautiful weather and ride those bikes! But your child won't wear the helmet. So ride with your kids and wear your helmet too! Kids tend to model what their parents do. So if you want your children to practice good bicycle safety, make sure you practice what you teach!

10-Second Spot

So your teen won't wear a bike helmet? Remind him or her that wearing a helmet correctly every time is responsible behavior...the same kind needed to drive the family car at 16.

10-Second Spot

So your child won't wear a bicycle helmet? Remind him or her that wearing a helmet correctly every time is responsible behavior...the same kind needed to earn that new privilege he has been asking for.

10-Second Spot on YouTube

"Kids, don't ever get on a bicycle . . . without a helmet." Just that statement as a rider puts on a helmet.

A Longer Dialogue: "Just in Case"

    Mark: Hey Joe, let's ride our bikes and go get some baseball cards.

    Joe: Okay, let me go home to get my bike.

    Mark: You don't have to go all the way home, just use my brother's bike. He won't mind.

    Joe: Even if I did use your brother's bike, I'd still have to go home and get my helmet.

    Mark: (Laughing as he starts to tease Joe) Helmet? Aw c'mon. Those things are for little kids. You can ride a bike just fine. You don't need a helmet. Let's just go.

    Joe: Sorry, Mark, can't. What if something weird happens. I'd rather be safe than sorry.

    Mark: You make it sound like riding a bike is dangerous.

    Joe: A report I had to do for school made me think about it. In (name of state) (xxx amount) of people have been really hurt and that (xxx amount) of people have been killed in bike crashes. Even if you do survive a crash, a serious injury can lead to permanent problems. I know I don't want to end up having my mom helping me every time I have to do simple things, like eating or using the bathroom. I don't know about you, man, but I'd rather wear the helmet just in case. Mark: Well. . . . .okay. . . .. .you go do what you have to do. When you're ready, come get me in my room.

    Joe: In your room? I thought we're riding to the card store? Why don't we meet at the corner like we usually do?

    Mark: Because it's gonna take me at least 15 minutes to find my helmet in my closet!!

    Joe: (Laughing) Oh, okay. I'll be back in 15 minutes.

    Narrator: Use your head. Use a helmet. After all, it's your brain.

We would like some better PSA's! If you are a PSA writer, please write some and send them to us. We can't pay you, but your name will be immortalized on this page, and it will look good on your resume some day.

And here is our page of videos and PSA's you can download from the web.

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