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Short Helmet Standards Comparison

This chart comes from our Short Standards comparison. We also have a longer and much more detailed point by point helmet standards comparison.


Requirement CPSC ASTM F1447 Snell B90A Snell B95
Drop height on
flat anvil
Drop height on
hemi anvil
Drop height on
curbstone anvil
Drop rig mass
for impact tests
5kg3.1 to 6.1kg5kg5kg
Total energy**98 J90 J100 J100 J
Coverage vs. CPSCSameLessSameMore
Strap yank (Joules)24 J24 J24 J24 J***
Rolloff testYesYesYesYes

*Snell B-95 uses a more severe impact for initial certification than for follow-up performance testing,
2.2 for flat anvil and 1.5m for hemi and curbstone.

**adult test on medium headform, flat anvil. Certification
for Snell B95 is 110 J.

***Snell considers the B-95 strap jerk test to be roughly equivalent to the B-90A test, although parameters have changed.

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